Mother’s Day Video

I wanted to share screenshots from a video I created for my church in Arizona. I had only about two weeks to complete the project from concept to final video, but even in its simplicity, I’m proud of the result. The song for the video was “I Get to Be the One” by JJ Heller. The church used the video during a live musical performance of the song by one of their band members.


I sketched the storyboard concept on paper, drew up assets in Photoshop, colored them in Illustrator, then imported and animated them in After Effects. At the time, I didn’t have that much familiarity with using gradients in Illustrator and I just barely discovered PATTERNS.

I hope to post the video on or around Mother’s Day of next year, but I would like to find better quality audio to go with the song (what I have was recorded with my computer during a playback of the video my church sent me).



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