vector artist & designer

my process

I start most illustrations with pencil and paper. This is how I’m most comfortable getting down multiple rough ideas before settling on the one that feels best to me. From there, I scan the drawing into my computer. I review and edit the sketch as needed to make sure I’m satisfied with the composition and other technical aspects.

Once the final sketch is in place, it’s time to start the color rendering! Since my artwork focuses on line-work over shading, I have found that vector art software is the most fitting for my process. I love the clean, sharp edges it gives the final project. It’s taken me a few years to refine the process, but I’m satisfied that I have found a basic method that suits my style and taste.

Being able to save my artwork at a wide range of scales and resolutions without loss in quality is also a major benefit!

Design work

My professional design experience is based in the signage industry. This has awarded me the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients on a variety of projects. One important takeaway for me concerns logo design: something that functions in one medium may not in another. For example, a logo that looks fantastic as a website banner may look terrible as a sign.

Because young brands need to establish an identity in the market, a consistent image is paramount. Whether someone comes to me with a vision in mind, or needs me to create one fresh, I have the experience to ensure that a logo will serve all its purposes while maintaining that consistency.

Photo Editing

I often need to edit photos to use in print work. I create templates and remove backgrounds. While working in the sign industry, I’ve also needed to use photo manipulation to create visualizations of building updates and signage.